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Environment and Sustainability


Our Company is committed to protect the environment, the safety of those producing, transporting, handling, and using our products, as well as consumers using goods manufactured with our chemicals.

  • None of our product's formulations involves or requires the use of the substances listed in the Manufacturer Restricted Substance List (MRSL) published by Roadmap to Zero.
    We proactively promote Roadmap to zero policy along the supply chain requiring intermediates and raw materials manufacturers to comply with MRSL.  


  • Our products are designed and manufactured to comply with Restricted Substances Regulations enforced worldwide by national legislations.

  • We provide customers with testing reports (for detection of Restricted Substances) provided by highly and globally recognized reliable third-party labs.

  • We follow GHS regulation to classify, label and edit our SDSs,  ensuring an effective and safe transportation , handling, use and storage of our products. 

  • All wastes of our Industrial activities, are duly treated and handled, to prevent their release into the environment. We source our raw materials only from producers enforcing a strict waste management procedure themselves.


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